April 9, 2021

I know it sounds very clickbaity, but before you say anything, i litteraly made a video just to prove that your mistrust is misplaced:

Now that this video is out of the way, let's get into it.

When you get into a rythm when you automate your worflows, you sometimes find yourself wanting a little bit more.

A missing integration is the worst feeling, so if you ever wondered if it was possible to quickly develop one, it is !

If you have a couple of APIs to connect or a webhook to build, AWS Lambdas and Serverless are a life saver.

Here are the prerequistes to get started:

As a resume, lets walk through the video together:

I have a little public repo of this little api, and you can check the output right here.

For something tangible, for my current company, I wanted to scrap a weekly french business newsletter: MaddyMoney

The reason I wanted to scrap this newsletter is because it summarizes a week of company fund raises, which gives me targets to enrich and reach out to.

Knowing me, you know I looked for the automated way so here's what I did:

1 - To know when an article is out, I subscribed to the newsletter with my gmail account.

2 - This trigger a POST to my custom API

3 - My custom API does everything : Scraping with BeautifulSoup, enrichment with Hunter's simple API (it's a referral link) and forward the enriched leads to my Lemlist campaign also with their API.

This targeted campaign yields nice results, and until the sites changes (at which point I will have to change my scraper), it will scrap and enrich new leads every week.

Let me know if you want to know about this type of flow, I can detail it in another article.

That's it for today, contact me if you want me to talk about this article or anything growth related !


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