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I'm a growth engineer !

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Latest Posts

Go vs Python for web scraping : what's better ?

A showdown between Go and Python use web scraping as a benchmark. Who wins ?

An AWS hack for cheap and reliable proxies

I show you how a simple AWS hack you can integrate in your scraping workflows that can save you cash when you need proxies.

When, why and how to scrape with proxies ?

Proxies and web scraping can be an awfully complex subject from the outside. Save yourself headaches and read this articles before going hardcore scraping.

Scraping with Tor

A fun use case for using Tor to bypass Linkedin's job offers crawl detection !

Tackling prospect ghosting with Hubspot and direct voicemail

Check out my prospect ghostbusting setup based on direct voicemail messages ! (USE IT RESPONSIBLY)

Creating a custom dashboard without a native integration or API : the ProspectIn use case

Check out how I solved this problem using scraping, a custom made API and Retool.

Webflow bulk redirections : the video

A video tutorial explaining my last post on Webflow reverse engineering.

Create an API in 2 minutes with AWS Lambda and Serverless

A quick look on how to make a "hello world" API in a few minutes. I also give a tangible example on how I use a custom API to generate leads.

Automate stuff you are not supposed to : an introduction to reverse engineering and unofficial APIs

Find out how to create your own automation when there is not a ready made integration or API. I explain how I reverse engineer Webflow's API to get me out of a problematic situation.

Detecting sponsored content in Youtube Videos

I tried to growth hack deep learning on a real life project: skipping ads in sponsored content ! Check out how this side project turned out.

The Mom Test Takeaways

Thinking you have a good business idea ? Challenge it with the Mom Test ! Check out what I took away from the book.

The Cold Mailing Deliverability Checklist

Follow the steps that took us to 60% open rates and 70K€ MRR on outreach email campaigns.

How to build a website from scratch under the AWS free tier (Part I : Front)

Check out how you can easily host a speedy, secure and cheap website with S3 and Cloudfront.

How to build a website from scratch under the AWS free tier (Part II : Back)

Create a lightweight serverless backend in minutes with Lambda.

Automated follow ups : Make the most out of your CRM

Follow ups can be super tedious for your sales team. Learn how to save them some time and close 35% more leads by automating them.

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